Sunday, January 22, 2012

When Bears Are Sleeping At The Zoo It's Because They Were Up All Night Dancing For You

Today is my son's first birthday.  I haven't cried about it it's only 7am.  My tears are not tears of sadness, but of gladness.  I am living here, experiencing the absolute richness of God's blessing.  The only thing that comes to mind to help to descibe what I feel at the moment is very thick, dark chocolate that oozes like a covering. 

One year ago today, well this morning, I was in the middle of my mom's living room floor in a birthing pool, having Rosin.  Everything I dreamt about him being, he is.  His personality is mostly how I pictured it would be, minus the fit throwing at such a young age.  He is very busy, yet calm in the breath.  He is a momma's boy to the end.  He loves to nurse, nurse, nurse, to the point that he won't take a sippie cup or bottle of anything: milk, water, soy milk, lactose free milk...nothing.  I have to give him water via a real cup.  He is everything I've prayed for but I am now calling the next baby a she to somehow make that happen.  Rosin is hard, a blessing.  He is so busy, busy, busy it makes it hard to do anything but keep him out of trouble.

Through his personality I can see the difference between boys and girls.  Boys have an inate yearning to work, to be aggressive.  My husband Dereck and I were talking last night about the different compositions of Rhagan and Rosin. Our two children are totally opposite and unique. Already Rosin loves to build and destroy.  He loves to conquer things and feel accomplished and praised when he does something really well. Rhagan was so calm and still.  She was content playing in one spot for an hour listening to music.  With that being said, I think my son will give me a run for my money and my energy.  I read somewhere that at the age of about 3 to 4 years old little boys need to have that energy directed to a productive nature. The reasoning behind this is 1) They use their energy up and I don't call my active child an ADD or ADHD child because I don't know what to do with all the energy 2) It teaches them responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. For this reason I know I am called to be home with my babies to guide them and teach them in the way they should go. I have dreams for both of my children, but I pray my dreams for them are only a stepping stool so they can see the greatness God has called them to.  I never want to let my dreams and ambitions for them hinder them.  My greatest dream is that they will be happy and live for God.  

For Rosin's birthday I bought him a book titled On The Night You Were Born, from Kohl's.  It is absolutely beautiful.  The title of this post is from that book.  I hope my devotion to Rosin and the word's from this book will resonate with him always to know he is loved and he is the only him the world has ever known.  There is nothing he can't do, no mountain he can't move.  To my Rosin Wesley King...Mama loves you.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Cracking Down, With Love

So I recently asked a much more experienced mom a question that needed answering in order to save my sanity.  My question was basically this: How do you run your home without killing your children or your husband?  There are so many things I want to do outside of cleaning up after everyone, such as  crafts, sewing, adventures with kids, story time, and for Rhagan, some school time.  She replied on her blog She suggested several spectrums of life that may be stressing me.  One, that I know is true is organization and the other is the obedience of my children.

Through organizing my home and simplifying my routines I have found that not only are my children and my husband mess makers, but so am I.  When there is stuff out on the floor and everything kind of a mess, what's the use, right?  I guess that was my thinking.  Since I have been working hard to keep stuff put away and organized I have actually had time to clean instead of just tidy up.  Cleanliness and tidyness are a must for me.  If I throw those two things out the window, you might as well throw me out the window too.  Let's just say I am not too pleasant to be around.  For me: Mess = Stress

Since we have been implementing our new organization methods we had time to go an a hike and do crafts yesterday.  Oh, and we also did some school time with Rhagan. This makes me happy.
Another thing in my life that makes me crazy is my kids not listening to me.  Jen also wrote about this in her blog, as seen up above.  Part of my stress is constantly telling my kids to do or not to do something.  Jen suggested making them listen the first time with no second chances.  Are we trying this?  Yes.  Is it working?  Yeeeessss! I will give you an example of the other day.  I can't remember what Rhagan did or didn't do exactly but she didn't do it the first time I asked.  This warranted a spanking.  I am not talking about anything hard, just a little pat to remind her.  After the swat she turned around and yelled at me.  I told her to bend over again because little girls don't talk to their mommies like that.  After that swat she turn around and looked at me, pointed her finger and yelled again.  I told her to bend over again because little girls don't yell and point their fingers at their mommies.  She got another swat and began giggling.  Then I began giggling too.  The discipline ended in a tight hug. I was not mean in my discipline or too harsh. I did not yell or scream.  She got the point that she cannot talk back to me and she needs to do what I ask her to.  She understood the boundaries and has been obeying me since.

Cracking down does not have to be torture.  Everyone in the household needs discipline, especially the runners of the home.  Cracking down seems to be leverage for my patience and sanity. But my true joy is in the Jesus...and I am learning about cracking down with love from the Lord daily.