Saturday, October 15, 2011

I will run the race set before me...

Tomorrow is a pretty intense day for me.  I will be running the Columbus Marathon.  Yes, that's right 26.2 miles.  Since I began running in 2000, a marathon has always looked like an inviting yet intimidating challenge.  I decided to make the finish a life goal, you know something on my bucket list. I am gearing up by staying home today, spending time with my kids, getting a short run in, doing some laundry, getting everything ready for the kids,eating healthy, and going to bed early.  Tomorrow my aunt will pick me up between 4:30 am and 5:00am.  I will be taking Rosin with me to I can nurse him right before the race. Running with a full Milk Truck would probably be pretty painful.  I figure I should be fine  going for 5-6 hours without nursing him. 

I have a troop of supporters going to see me and cheer me on.  My aunt-Tonya, my husband-Dereck, my daughter-Rhagan, my son-Rosin, my mom-Tammy, my grandma-Phyllis, my grandpa-Ozzie, my dad-Art, and my aunt-Vivian. Wow what a crowd!  I couldn't have trained for this marathon without every single one of them. And I couldn't finish without every single one of them cheering me one....tear.  Tomorrow is going to be an emotional day, I can feel the emotions swelling.

Here is some advice I have gotten:
*Pee 50 minutes before the race
*Drink 2 cups of water at each water station
*Use sugar gels for energy every 40 minutes
*Consume a lot pf protein after the run
* Take an ice bath after the run
* Stretch
* Aren't you running with a cell phone?  Well what if you don't finish?  How will I know where you are?  I have could run topless, then you'll be on the news and I'll definitely know where you are!  (Nope that statement didn't come from my husband, that one was straight from my dad...we're an open family)

All of these tips I will take, except for the topless running... who can run topless for 26 miles, ouch : /.

Not only am I running because it's fun and something I want to accomplish, but with each mile I run, I am raising money to go to midwifery school.  I would love to be able to offer the same kind of birthing experience I experienced for women in my area.  to read about that. 

Any whoot , wish me luck, send me your prayers, and mail me your money!.  Hahaha.

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  1. This is awesome and so inspiring! You've found such strength from deep down in that many will never even know they have. The Lord has really blessed you ! Your sensitivity to things and warm heart will make you a special midwife one day. Knowing you is an honor. ;0)